Tears of Rain

Azami Melody

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Just like the undistinguishable tears and raindrops, only you can find the true meaning of the thing called happiness. I find mine on the keys of my piano.


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21 Mar 2013
Until my Heart Beats No More
The rain has stopped to fall The sun shines to call All the hearts who are yearning for its light Everyone's so sure That everything has cure Find the light Start again They said These strings of my sins Are enveloping me Sins of past Here with me now..ooh Beats of song don't last Is there such a word as eternity? Or infinity? Immortality? Regrets are always late I'll just believe that this is my fate Until my heart beats no more ...
03 Nov 2012
Blue Hour
Listen to that faraway sound That sad melody yet tingling song With its beat, it pierces me in my heart A bloodshot of red The sun is getting pale on my skin The sky is turning into red And the birds turn around Bidding goodbye to the light And the wind hits my back The dreaming me is now vanishing Still that musicbox song can be heard With a duet with the sea The castle made of sand I built Is being ambushed by the seawaves Leaving just ...
26 Oct 2012
Meaning behind my Sweet Mystery lyrics
The intro of the song refers to sunset, as well the two first verses. Usually we feel down at night, when darkness spreads over and feel too emotional when the moon appears (it happens on me!) . "  People hide from pain that it cries " just means sleeping at all. (just tell me who doesn't?!) "Moments that should be here by now are nowhere to show" . We are usually thinking about the things that we should have done that day. Sometimes, before we go to sleep, we used to imagine ...